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  Welcome to the chaos that IS my writing life.

This is not a valid example of the successful writer's life; just mine.

How do fans, readers, or those with an axe to grind actually get to communicate--personally, with an author? Mine can do it here. This is an information site by design.   I would like to believe that my readers would feel comfortable communicating with their favorite author here.  So many authors are represented by agents, publishers, and other intermediaries which make it nearly impossible for the folks who make their livelihood possible to even send them a thank you card.  I am not one of those folks.  I have always enjoyed intimate closeness with my readers. I hope I will always remain accessible to those who appreciate my efforts.


Here I will show you information about my writing life. The music I listen to when I write, the occasional video clip which influences some part of my writing life, or the latest in writing news which interests me will be featured here. I have a guest book, and I seriously hope you will leave me a note. There is a contact form that you can use to send me questions, comments, suggestions, or criticisms of my work--not of my person.  I do not intend to "entertain" anyone with anything other than my writing.  I just want you to enjoy your visit here.



From time to time, you will see that I have many writing projects in the bucket at any given time. I may be writing a new web site, or working on one of the never-ending projects of my company.  Many people help me in my writing life.  I hope to introduce them to you on this site.  Beta readers (those who read my work before you see it) are an important part of the writing life.  I hope to introduce them to you here. Staff and support folks who take my ideas and make them reality are a very important part of my writing life, as well.  I hope you will meet them here, and interact with them from here.  


I am not ashamed to highlight my completed writing projects here. I will make my books and other writing projects available for purchase.  As esoteric or ethereal as the writing life may be, this is actually how I make my living. If my work is good, you should purchase it.  If not, you should find another author to support. Hopefully, you will help make my work better so that I can learn how to please my readers--as well as myself through my writing.  My fans tend to be fiercely loyal to my work. It is that truth that makes this site most important of all.

Visit. Respond. Purchase. Enjoy.


I am a writer. You have been warned. Welcome to my writing life.


Always Write Well!

Last updated: 10-26-2009


M. B. "Bud" Fields, Jr. DMA
West Frankfort, Illinois


Last updated: 10-26-2009



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